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Online Mindfulness Training for Australia, NZ and SE Asia

Welcome and join me in my Mindfulness journey to make life better for everyone in this world. I have been providing Mindfulness Training for the last 7 years to individuals and corporate clients to improve people’s wellness, resilience, effectiveness and Self-worth.

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mindfulness training australia
Sydney Mindfulness Training

My Purpose

Mindfulness has changed my whole life, I feel happier, more self-fulfilled and more able to deal with life’s ups and downs. It is my passion to share my learnings and experience with as many people as possible.

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Key Outcomes of Mindfulness Training

Personal Wellness:

Feeling more resilient, contented, self-fulfilled, confident, in control and equanimous

Feeling less stressed, physically & emotionally exhausted, angry, anxious & panic attack, disappointed, frustrated & depressed, harmful behaviours & rudeness, vindictive act & undermining and non-compassionate & isolated.


Feeling more focussed and attentive; clarity of mind for creativity, innovation and problem solving.
Less procrastination, undermining, fierce personal competition, rivalry, distracted & prone to repetitive errors, poor judgement and time wasting. ​

Mindfulness Trainer australia
Mindfulness Teacher Training australia

What participants are saying

I found Phil’s Mindfulness workshop to be a rewarding experience, helping me understand the importance of a focussed mind at work and home, and to cope with the increasing need to merge what used to… Read more

David WilkinsonVehicle Line DirectorFord Asia Pacific

I never knew how the complexities of our world could dramatically influence our lives. The workshop helped me to learn the importance of truly understanding who we are as well as to recognise that the… Read more

Tony O’DayOperations ManagerCountry Fire Authority HQ, Victoria

This workshop is not like the usual workshops. I found it to be very meaningful and it allows us to learn how we can develop ourselves. We learn the basics of psychology and Mindfulness concepts that … Read more

Pak Kencono WibowoDeputy CxOXL Axiata, Indonesia

When I was invited to the workshop on “Mindfulness Training for Wellness and Self-efficacy”, I had no idea what was waiting for me. As Phil started to talk about stress, worry, anxiety and we did … Read more

Rita MagalhãesBody Interior Integration ManagerFord South America

I found the ‘Developing Effective Leadership Using Stress Management and Mindfulness Workshop’ to be well worth the time sacrifice. Very few workplace improvement training lives up to the promise an… Read more

Dave CollinsManaging DirectorSynergetics Pty Ltd

I attended the workshop on “How to Develop Effective Leadership and Personal Wellness Using Mindfulness” that Phil Chen conducted for the senior leadership group in Changan Ford. I enjoyed the fli… Read more

Daryl MahonHuman Resources DirectorChangan Ford Automobile Co. Ltd. Chongqing

I recently attended Phil Chen’s ‘Developing Effective Leadership Using Stress Management and Mindfulness Workshop’. It was a refreshing, constructive program that not only stretched the mind but pro… Read more

Jarrod BrownChief Executive OfficerBennelong Funds Management

Phil’s extensive experience in the corporate sector adds gravitas to the insights he provides during the seminar. As a National Sales Director it is imperative that I manage my stress levels to mainta… Read more

Peter GoringSales DirectorOC Energy

From the Mindfulness workshop, I learned the importance of keeping calm in the chaos and emergencies at work, the awareness of how to create a space between an event and our reaction. The material cov… Read more

Feiruz IkhwanHead of Investor RelationsBC & Corp Finance, PT XL Axiata Indonesia

Phillip’s Mindfulness Workshop has been a terrific starting point for adding mindfulness practice to my daily living. As a counsellor, I am looking forward to teaching mindfulness to clients to hel… Read more

Feiruz IkhwanHead of Investor RelationsBC & Corp Finance, PT XL Axiata Indonesia

Services We Provide

Mindfulness Training for Resilience, Self-care and a More Meaningful Life:  2-Day Workshop (face-to-face) or 4 Half-days Online via Zoom or Teams

One-on-one Life Coaching for Executives and Professionals

2-4 hour seminar for Management Off-sites or Team-building Events

1-2 hour Mindfulness Awareness session for Management Off-sites or Team-building Events

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Mindfulness Training

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