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Mindfulness Training Programs by Phil Chen in Australia & overseas

Phil Chen has worked for the Ford Motor Company in the Engineering Department for the past 37 years. During his mid-life crisis, he realised how little he knew about his own self and decided to study psychology in an attempt to find meaning and purpose in his life. He now has a Grad Dip. in Psychology and during the course of obtaining his Master of Counselling, he discovered Mindfulness that has provided clarity to the question of what this life is about. His passion is to share his learnings and experience with as many people as he can to help them build better relationship with family, friends and colleagues and to make a positive impact in our communities everywhere.

Phil has conducted over 60 Mindfulness workshops, primarily in Ford but also to people from other companies (Telstra, Futuris, CFA, VACC, Sumitomo) including some overseas (China, Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil) with extremely positive feedback. Phil draws on his corporate experience with a multinational company to provide a real work-life context throughout the workshops.

Phil is Adjunct Fellow of the Wade Institute, Ormond College, Melbourne University where he conducts a course on ‘Mindfulness for Entrepreneurs’ as part of the Master of Entrepreneurship program.

Phil's Qualification

  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology – Deakin University
  • Masters of Counselling - Victoria University
  • BSc. In Mechanical Engineering – Southampton University
  • MSc. In Automotive Engineering - Southampton University

Testimonials from Past Mindfulness Workshop Participants:

I found Phil’s Mindfulness workshop to be a rewarding experience, helping me understand the importance of a focussed mind at work and home, and to cope with the increasing need to merge what used to be considered work-time and home-time……The short meditations have become a mandatory part of my day to help calm my grass-hopper mind, and even in the short time since then I have noticed a more calm and focussed approach to the multiple demands at work and out of work.

David WilkinsonVehicle Line DirectorFord Asia Pacific

The workshop helped me to learn the importance of truly understanding who we are…. I learned to develop tools to help me deal with stresses that not only influence my emotions, but also my colleague’s emotions….. The power of meditation and breathing as a technique to deal with some of the workplace/life stresses we face every day was incredible. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone.

Tony O’DayOperations ManagerCountry Fire Authority HQ, Victoria

“I found Phil’s mindfulness workshop interesting, engaging and relevant to my work as a doctor. The program was well structured and focused on the practical applications of mindfulness practice. In particular, I believe the mindfulness techniques I have learnt will enable me to better deal with stress and external noise at work, reducing likelihood of burnout and leading to better decision making. I would recommend his course to other medical professionals.”  

Dr Colin Williams (Medical Oncology)

“I have dabbled in meditation, yoga and mindfulness for many years, but this online Mindfulness course was the best by far that I have experienced.  I really enjoyed Phil’s open, non-judgemental and very practical approach.  For me it was a great investment of my very limited time – 10 out of 10!”   

Richard MilroyFounder & DirectorPrivate Wealth Network (PWN)

“I really enjoyed the mindfulness workshop. I attended this online and was still able to connect with the group, learn and practice mindfulness exercises. Phil is a wonderful teacher with passion and experience in mindfulness. He has constructed a clear, practical, logical and simple way to present mindfulness & how to begin practicing it with understanding and direction. I highly recommend Phil and his workshop as a means to introduce self to mindfulness and delving deeper into harnessing it in your life. I am a professional counsellor and energy healer and feel this training has taught and provided easy tools to apply and share with others. Phil provides great guided mindfulness exercises, meditations and knowledge in getting back to your senses, self-awareness and management as a path to meaning, purpose and healthy living”

Christine McNeillCounsellor and ACA Member

I attended the workshop on “How to Develop Effective Leadership and Personal Wellness Using Mindfulness” that Phil Chen conducted for the senior leadership group in Changan Ford. I enjoyed the flip chart discussions with colleagues and in particular the cross-cultural team-building benefits that resulted from the sharing of common life issues and experiences. I also enjoyed the experience of practicing meditation in a non-yoga setting. Overall, I thought the session was well facilitated, met the needs of a more senior audience, kept to the Mindfulness theme and was a helpful aid to our people.

Daryl MahonHuman Resources DirectorChangan Ford Automobile Co. Ltd. Chongqing

 I really enjoyed the course. I found it to be enlightening.  Mindfulness is a big topic, the material covered and the life examples made it easy for me to understand the concepts. I feel that I can go forward with enough knowledge about mindfulness to start my own Mindful practice…. I already feel freed from my tendency to act on many of my thoughts, especially the negative ones. I also liked the meditations, the mix of breakout discussions, videos and group chats. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is seeking to quieten their mind as well as finding a pathway to a more meaningful life.

Leeanda PainoDirectorLorton Investments and PWN Member

Phil’s extensive experience in the corporate sector adds gravitas to the insights he provides during the seminar. As a National Sales Director it is imperative that I manage my stress levels to maintain peak performance. I personally found Phil’s course to offer illuminating suggestions that I will deploy to improve both my personal and professional life.

Peter GoringSales DirectorOC Energy

From the Mindfulness workshop, I learned the importance of keeping calm in the chaos and emergencies at work, the awareness of how to create a space between an event and our reaction. The material covered is very relevant, it makes us aware of how to use our core values and beliefs to create our sense of meaning and purpose. I am glad to have been given this opportunity to learn about Mindfulness that I would share with my team.

Feiruz IkhwanHead of Investor RelationsBC & Corp Finance, PT XL Axiata Indonesia