1. Mindfulness Training for Resilience, Self-care and a More Meaningful Life

This 2-day  or 4 Half-days workshop provides an awareness of how we can use Mindfulness to

  • improve emotional intelligence and take control of our thoughts to reduce stress, anxiety, worries and sleepless nights.
  • tap into our innate capacity to manage our mind and emotions and become more resilient and confident in decisions making ability
  • explore our inner-self and the connectedness of mind and body and how it impacts on our body, mind, emotion and behaviour.
  • find meaning and purpose in our work and personal life to become more engaged and self-fulfilled.
  • learn relaxation techniques to remain calm and in control in stressful situations (interviews, public speaking or presentations)

2. Life Coaching for Executives and Professionals

1-on-1 life coaching for Executives who

  • have everything but are still seeking a more meaningful and self-fulfilled life
  • have difficulties to connect and share their personal life experiences in full confidence with subordinates, peers or partners
  • are seeking to learn mind exercises to increase mental fitness and agility
  • are seeking relaxation techniques to balance their body and emotion

3.  2-4 hour seminar for Management Off-sites or Team-building Events

4. 1-2 hour Mindfulness Awareness session for Management Off-sites or Team-building Events